Following the death of two students, Queen’s College Old Girls Association (QCOGA) has confirmed that there was a diarrhea outbreak in the school.


The association embarked on a fact-finding mission after Vivian Osuinyi and Bithia Ehinomie Itulua were reported dead during the school’s midterm break.

According to a statement issued by Funmi Ajose, QCOGA president, the mission revealed a lot of defects in the school, including unhygienic dining halls, lack of potable water and overcrowded dormitories.

“In the last ten days, we have embarked on a fact-finding mission along with the federal ministry of health, federal ministry of education and Lagos state ministry of health regarding what led to the unfortunate deaths of two Queen’s College Girls, Vivian Osuinyi, JSS 2P and Bithia Ehinomie Itulua, JSS 3T and the current spate of ill health among the girls,” the statement read.


“We discovered the following; There was an epidemic of gastroenteritis (infectious diarrhea) involving over a hundred of the girls on 31st January which lingered on till 2nd February 2017.

“The kitchen and dining hall are unhygienic with gross and longstanding filth. There is no potable water anywhere in the school premises as all water samples were declared unfit for consumption.

“The dormitories are congested, very dirty with bed bug-ridden mattresses.”


The association said that it had taken necessary steps to salvage the situation, adding that the resumption date has been extended to Sunday, March 19.

“We joined voices with QCPTA and SBMC (School Based Management Committee) to ensure we are in unison, commissioned professional cleaning companies, two of whom are Old Girls of Queen’s College, starting from Saturday, 4th of March to fumigate the entire premises, leading to general professional cleaning, various facility repairs and painting.

“This is to establish a standard of sanitation and cleanliness that will be maintained by the QCPTA and school management.

“We produced a video documentary of current state of the filth in the school to be followed by a second documentary after the various interventions.


“Whilst the QCOGA is busy with cleaning, fumigation and facility maintenance, the QCPTA will be busy laying water pipes from the Lagos water corporation sources to various sections in the school including kitchen, boarding area and classroom blocks.”

Isaac Adewole, minister of health, had said the deaths would be investigated.

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