Research has revealed that children whose parents were absent while growing up are likely to smoke or consume alcohol at a tender age.


The study which was published in Archives of Disease in Childhood showed that children can start smoking as early as age 11 if their parents are not present to give them a proper upbringing.

This, most likely happens to children whose parents are separated; however, kids who had dead parents were less likely to drink, the study revealed.

Teen smoking, alcohol consumption and risky behaviours in adulthood have been linked to parental absence, Medical daily reports.


Carried out in the United Kingdom, the study involved 11, 000 children at 5 different levels of their lives: 9 months, 3, 5, 7 and 11 years.

It was discovered that at age 11, there was a strong likelihood that children that suffered parental neglect had either smoked or consumed alcohol.

The study further showed that these behavioural acts can be prevented if there is an early intervention in the child’s life.


The danger in substance abuse

Early introduction of kids to alcohol and smoking exposes them to risky health behaviours like reduced cessation and overdependence.

These could further result in health challenges like lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, mental health problems, cancer and a host of other diseases.


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