Waking up with a hangover may sometimes feel like a scene from an apocalyptic movie.

Nausea, headache and body ache come out in full force to unleash their torture for having a great time the previous night.

Basically, being hungover sucks and what sucks even more is having to be at work in a couple of hours or having other responsibilities to attend to.

It is for these reasons one has to master the four hangover remedies below:


Because alcohol is totally dehydrating, the best bet is to stay hydrated. The best and simplest way to retain hydration is by drinking enough water.

Some experts advise that for every glass of alcohol consumed, a glass of water should accompany it (although to be frank, this seems unrealistic).

In getting over a hangover, however, drinking water will make up for lost fluid from the alcohol, causing you to pee often until your system rids its alcohol content.


The caffeine contained in coffee will keep you alert and sharp during a hangover making you concentrated and strong enough to take on the new day.

Coffee has also been believed to reduce the headaches that come with being hungover.


Hungover people might experience eating and keeping down solid food. This might be as a result of nausea or the pains. However, it is important hungover people eat fruits and vegetables as they contain essential vitamins and minerals needed to replace lost fluid.

Blending these fruits and veggies into smoothies and drinking is a sure way to get these necessary minerals and vitamins.

Coconut water

A Nigerian myth believes that coconut water has a contrary effect to any bodily reaction. While this myth is yet to be confirmed, coconut water might be a win during a hangover situation.

Scientifically, coconut is rich in potassium, an important electrolyte mineral.

Experts advise that when one is dehydrated and has been vomiting excessively, it’s important to consume electrolytes to rebalance the system.

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