Only half the recommended number of medical staff were reportedly on duty at the O2 Brixton Academy on the night of the stampede in December 2022.


Asake, the Afrobeats singer, had put together a show at the 4900-capacity concert venue in London on December 15 — where he performed his debut album.

The music event was, however, cancelled mid-way after a crowd of thousands without tickets breached the doors while trying to force their way into the show’s venue.

The incident led to the deaths of two women — Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, and Gaby Hutchinson, 23.


According to BBC,  only a team of five – half the recommended number of medical staff – was present on the night of the disaster.

“Industry guidelines suggest there should have been medical cover of at least 10 people, including a paramedic and a nurse,” it added.

The British newspaper quoted two insiders as saying that Collingwood Services Ltd, the medical cover provider, confirmed that only five people were working when the incident happened.


“The insiders told us that of the five people working for Collingwood at the venue, none had a paramedic qualification,” it said.

A whistleblower was also quoted to have said: “[They] had two student paramedics, so they’re basically unqualified.

“They have to be supervised by a paramedic, not by anybody of a lower grade. They didn’t have appropriate supervision.”

Asake had earlier apologised to fans over the incident.


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