The Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) says it did not ban rapper Olamide Adedeji’s controversial song, ‘Science Student’, but may sanction radio stations for airing it.


Armstrong Idachaba, director of broadcast monitoring at NBC, told TheCable Lifestyle that it is in the practice of the commission to take such actions against songs deemed to be indecent.

“The NBC doesn’t ban music or musicals,” Idachaba said.

“We only advise stations not to transmit music which is vulgar, obscene, indecent, promoting the use of drugs or not generally ennobling.”


Idachaba said radio and television stations that fail to heed the warning will be sanctioned.

“It is the provision of the code. Stations are expected to exercise editorial responsibility and ensure that all lyrics are fit for broadcast. If they don’t we have a duty to sanction them,” he said.

Elaborating further on ‘Science Students’, he said: “I directed zonal directors to monitor and record any station broadcasting the song. They can communicate stations airing versions that are not suitable for broadcast.


“I have read a transcribed version that obviously gives a graphic detail of the experience derivable from smoking weed.

“It subtly promotes the entire activity as studying science. There is a little line begging them not to do so because of God.

“How would you feel if one gave you a full description of sex and says okay o, it is not good? Why task the imagination of young people with such detailed imagery and descriptions of what is obviously destructive?”

He said the stations that fail to “edit it and make it fit” for broadcast “will be sanctioned”


The regulatory body was reported to have sent out a not to be broadcast (NTBB) notification but Dotun Kayode of CoolFM told TheCable Lifestyle that no such memo has been issued regarding the song.

“We [the station] didn’t receive any notice saying the song has been banned or asking for the song not to be played. The song is still on airplay,” he said.

This isn’t the first time music released by Olamide has been on the regulatory body’s radar.

Songs like ‘Shakiti Bobo’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Wo’ (video), and ‘Wavy Level’ have been called out for their controversial content.


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