Mr Macaroni, the skit maker, and Dipo Awojide, the social media influencer, have engaged in a heated confrontation on X.


The altercation started on Wednesday evening after Awojide, popularly known as Ogbeni Dipo, took to X to mention names of people who were “defamed” during the election.

“Wole Soyinka, Pastor Adeboye, Ooni of Ife, Joke Silver and Olu Jacobs, Pastor Poju and many others were repeatedly abused and defamed over an election,” Awojide wrote.

“And you joined them or remained silent when this madness was going on. It is shameful.”



Reacting in a series of tweets, Mr Macaroni accused Awojide of being “silent” when he was “repeatedly attacked” by political trolls.

The 30-year-old comedian described Awojide as a “stinking hypocrite” who engaged in vile tweets about him during the election.

“I do not support any attack on these highly respectable individuals or anyone at all for their political choices,” he wrote.

“But this is Uncle Dipo criticizing those who were silent when these people were being abused. Yet he was silent when APC trolls repeatedly attacked me. Stinking Hypocrisy!


“He even laughed and frolicked with these people and engaged some of the vile tweets they tweeted not just about me but about others. But I never insulted you personally. Adagba ma danu… Agbaya!”


In his response, Awojide said he has never “insulted or retweeted abuses against Debo in the past”.

“Omo alaileko elete pomo N10 said I instigated abuse against him. I said show me just one evidence and he resorted to abuse,” he wrote.

“Meanwhile, I showed him over 5 tweets of me defending him over the last few years. Omo ale elenu bi enu ekute.”

The altercation also degenerated into a heated war of words, with the pair hurling expletives at each other.

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