Water and Garri‘, a movie produced by Tiwa Savage, premiered on Prime Video on May 10. The project was directed by Meji Alabi.


Following her groundbreaking success and global recognition as a singer, Savage’s film arrives on the streaming platform amid high anticipation and expectations from her fans, even those who are not film lovers.

However, since the film’s release, ‘Water and Garri’ has received several negative reviews, prompting those who have not seen it to ask, “what exactly is wrong with the movie?” and “why the backlash?”

Even though ‘Water and Garri’ boasts aesthetically pleasing cinematography, beautiful locations, and good lighting, some aspects could have been paid more attention.

Tiwa Savage's film 'Water and Garri' premieres on Prime Video
Tiwa Savage and the cast of ‘Water and Garri’

Without further ado, here’s what could have been done better.

  • Directing

The acting performance in the movie is not bad at all but was not great. With better guidance from the director, the cast could have delivered more impactful performances. For instance, while Tiwa Savage’s acting shows promise as a first-time actor, it could have been elevated with more guidance and direction.

Due to the lack of better directing, there are also not enough emotions portrayed in the movie. The movie talked about losing a loved one but the pain and grief were not felt. The one place Aisha cried when she remembered Mide didn’t feel real; more could have been done. The director could have guided the actors to emote better.


There was no convincing chemistry between the actors as well. In the scenes between Jemima Osunde and Tiwa Savage, it is obvious there is no chemistry. It felt like Osunde was still nervous, anxious about acting closely with a globally celebrated singer so the closeness between them as cousins wasn’t portrayed effectively.

Overall, while the acting performances show potential, stronger directing could have elevated the emotional resonance of the film and improved the chemistry between the actors, resulting in a more compelling viewing experience.

  • Character development

The film suffers from inadequate character development. There is no in-depth understanding of the characters and their motivations.

MOVIE REVIEW: Four areas 'Water and Garri' could have done better


For instance, Aisha’s character feels one-dimensional so there is no clear sense of who she is aside from being a fashion designer. What is her plan for coming home? Is she staying back? How about her business in Los Angeles?

Also, the character that eventually killed Kay. Who is he? Why yearn to take over the street? What is his motive?

All of these questions were not communicated in the film appropriately. Although flashbacks are attempted to provide insight, they ultimately fall short of effectively fleshing out the character.

The film would have been better if the characters were well-fleshed out.

  • Setting

The setting in the film is one of its most confusing aspects, as the portrayal of the characters’ nationality and cultural background lacks consistency.

In the film, some cast members bear Yoruba names, and speak Yoruba language but the setting does not showcase any Nigerian or Yoruba culture and tradition. Others have Ghanaian accents and say ‘chale’ now and then raising questions about the cast nationality and origins. So did Aisha’s family relocate to Ghana? Which country exactly is Aisha from?

This setting confusion affected the cast making it difficult to choose whether to act and speak like Nigerians or Ghanaians.

Another is the community setting. Throughout the film, there are complaints about Eastside being a violent community but there is no tangible evidence to support the claim. No scenes depicting violence, such as fights or robberies.


The inconsistency in the depiction of the setting and cultural context detracts from the authenticity and coherence of the film.

  • Storytelling and storyline

The storytelling and storyline in the film suffer from a lack of excitement and substance, resulting in a bland and unfocused narrative.

Tiwa Savage’s ‘Water and Garri’ film to debut in 240 countries

The plot fails to engage and lacks clear direction, giving the impression that the story unfolds without purpose or coherence.

The storytelling itself is confusing, resulting in numerous unanswered questions. A more straightforward and focused approach to storytelling could have improved the clarity and impact of the narrative.

According to the story, the major reason Aisha returned home is because her cousin died, and throughout the movie, there is no scene where she visits the person’s grave or goes to pay condolences to the family.

If all of these were paid more attention, ‘Water and Garri’ would have come out better, I think.


‘Water and Garri’ gets a 5/10.

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