Primeboy, the childhood friend of Mohbad, has denied allegations of an altercation with the deceased singer.


The fast-rising singer, 27, passed away on Tuesday. He was laid to rest on Wednesday.

There were reports on social media claiming Mohbad and Primeboy had a rift before his demise.

Reacting to the rumours via Instagram, Primeboy claimed they were on good terms before he died.


“I keep seeing a lot of rumours out there, that something happened on Sunday, maybe that led to the death of Mohbad. Nothing happened on Sunday. Nothing happened between me and my friend, we were fine from the Island,” he said.

“Whoever says I kill my friend, God will judge you except if I have a hand in it. What really happened that Sunday, me and Mohbad were on stage together and Mohbad was f**king high that day.

“So he sat down in his car after we came down from the stage. His wife was sitting in our middle so I do not know anything that happened, he was just grumpy. He wanted to get out of the car and I was like do not get down, wait, let me go and clear the road.


“Please I know nothing about it I did not even touch Mohbad. He hit me, I did not even do anything. God knows, his wife was there also and the Prado man and security. Please do not say what you do not know to make your investigation. I did not have any issues with Mohbad, he called me all the time I do not stay with them please, and please I know nothing.”

The cause of Mohbad’s death is still unknown.

But Joseph Aloba, his father, revealed he died shortly after an auxiliary nurse was invited to give him an injection.

Omowunmi, the partner of Mohbad, also recounted the singer’s struggles when he was alive.


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