Ezenwa George Ritabbi, the founder of Christ As of Old Ministry, has claimed that men who keep a cheating wife will lose respect. 


Ritabbi spoke at a recent question-and-answer session during one of his church programmes.

The clergyman, at first, taunted one of his church members who asked what he should do to his wife who indulged in infidelity.

The cleric insinuated that the member should split from his cheating wife because “the Bible gives room for divorce”.


Ritabbi argued that it is better for a man not to be unaware of his wife’s extra-marital affairs to earn respect.

He also claimed that if the man finds out and forgives her, he will lose her respect.

“I am not a hypocrite. Anything you want to do, do. Go and tell her ‘mummy to stop moving with men. The one you do is breaking my heart. Please do not do it again. You know you are a beautiful woman. You are hurting me. Continue staying with her,” he said.


“Do you not know the bible gives room for divorce? Once you catch a woman in the act she is dead in your heart. Any man who says his body system will function when he has caught his wife is a liar. Except you do not love her, you lust after her.

“It is better your wife is cheating and you do not know. She will respect you. But when you catch your wife cheating and you keep her, then respect is gone. Once a woman knows she is cheating, you know, your respect is dead. I did not say anything.”

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