Korra Obidi, the US-based Nigerian social media dancer, has cried out for financial assistance to engage in a parental right battle with Justin Dean, her ex-husband.


The entertainer claimed Dean obtained a court order prohibiting her from posting their two children on social media.

On Friday, Obidi launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of challenging the court ruling — with nearly $52,000 raised so far.

The influencer said she needs “a good lawyer” while pleading with the public to donate funds to her GoFundMe account.


Obidi also argued that her content centres on her experiences as a mother and that she cannot afford her children to be banned from social media.

“This is the GoFundMe link guys, I need a good lawyer and I need one ASAP. If you know that you’ve ever loved me, you know that this is what I do, I make content from home and I create content around motherhood and sharing my experiences around motherhood,” Obidi said while breaking down in tears.

“This is my experience, this is what I am going through right now. I am shamelessly asking, if you know you are a celebrity, you have money that you are just throwing around, I need help and a lawyer right now cause if I don’t do something right now, this is going to be my life for the next 18 years until these kids are old.


“He has said it that he’s not gonna stop until the children are in foster care. I am entangled with a crazy person, I need help.”

The dancer also said her decision to seek legal recourse is to secure unrestrained access to her children.

“My children and the person who abused them will be brought to book. My rights as a mother will be reinstated. Nobody will be deleting videos from my page anymore, and my children will be allowed to travel to Africa whenever they want, to travel to Nigeria whenever they want,” Obidi said.

Dean had earlier alleged that Athena, their first daughter, now twerks like her mom. He added that he will never let his kids back on Facebook.


Obidi and Dean’s marriage crashed in March 2022.

A few weeks after their divorce, Obidi accused her ex-husband of stealing $5000 from their joint account.

In November 2022, she also alleged that Dean demanded spousal support from her.

Obidi claimed she paid half of her bride price. She also alleged she paid $50,000 to Dean just to see her kids.


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