Korede Bello, the Nigerian singer, has talked about his journey towards wellness, highlighting how he avoids certain lifestyles that could easily become an addiction.


Speaking on the Say My Piece podcast, the singer revealed that he smoked weed earlier in life but realised that it was a bad life choice.

The 28-year-old said the effects of his father’s smoking habit prompted his decision to refrain from anything that would affect his psychological and emotional wellness.

“I tried weed before but it’s not my thing. Very early on in my life, I mean not in my life like when I was a child, but it was just something that people did around me also and this is something about myself I have a very addictive personality so whatever I find pleasurable it can turn into an addiction,” he said.


“You have to know yourself well. It is very important because some people can indulge in some things and they would get out of it and some people would take that something and they are not there. You have to know yourself so you do not follow everybody

“My dad used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and as a child, he used to send me to get him cigarettes. I noticed something then, he used to cough a lot so I would ask him daddy why are you coughing? and he would tell me it was because of the cigarette. So if you do not wanna cough like me, do not smoke.

“So very on he already planted something in my mind that this is something unhealthy and I do not want to be the kind of person who does that so that was a good priming. Growing up I tried to be on the wellness spectrum, physical, mental and emotional.”


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