Kanye West, the US rapper, recently engaged in a heated exchange with a paparazzi over questions about Bianca Censori, his wife, and her perceived “lack of free will”. 


The incident occurred on Monday while the rapper was on his way to attend the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony honouring Charlie Wilson, the R&B singer.

A female photographer working for TMZ approached West and asked the question, “people want to know if Bianca has her free will. Some people say you are controlling her”.

The rapper visibly became upset, snatched the phone from the photographer, and called the question “disrespectful”.


He accused the paparazzo of feeling entitled because she is white and said he deserves the same respect he is expected to give.

“Do not come asking me that dumb a** sh*t, I am a person,” he said.

“You think ’cause you a white woman that you can walk up on me like that and ask me some dumb ass sh*t like that?


“You asked me does my wife has free will. Was that a d*mb-a**, disrespectful question to come to ask a grown-a** superhero?”

The reporter attempted to apologise but West pressed on, questioning if it was her place to ask invasive questions about celebrities’ private lives.

“Is that your job to go up to every celebrity and ask them some dumb ass shit about their wife?” the rapper asked.

“Answer the question. I am supposed to answer your questions, answer my questions.”


The altercation ended with West asking the reporter how much she makes and offering to pay her double the amount to leave him alone.

This comes a few days after West faced criticisms on social media for sharing revealing photos of Censori on his Instagram account.

The couple married in a private ceremony last year.


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