Shelving the much-coveted call to the bar ceremony to participate in the BBNaija reality TV show might look odd — and even unreasonable to some people. But for Jumoke Zainab Adedoyin, recently evicted BBNaija season six housemate better known as JMK, it was one of the best decisions of her life. 


Before her foray into the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ house, JMK was not an ardent fan of the show but her mother’s love for it piqued her interest.

While she’s not an active follower of the show prior to her participation, the 23-year-old activist has continued to be hunted by her past scathing remarks about the show — a factor she believes contributed to her eviction.

In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle, the law graduate speaks on how family support helped her forfeit her call to the bar for BBNaija, criticisms over her previous comments about the show, and career plans.


How is the reception outside the house?

Right now, we have started a media tour, so I’m a bit exhausted but regardless I’m excited and happy. I’m overwhelmed by the love and the positive energy I have been getting. I’m grateful for the platform and everything that is about to come and I’m looking forward to maximising every opportunity that comes with it.


Some controversial statements you had made popped up right after coming on the show, do you think those statements contributed to your early eviction?

To be honest, I can’t really answer that question because I don’t know for sure if it contributed to it. I feel like whatever was supposed to happen would happen, even with those statements, if I was supposed to stay in the house, I’ll be in the house. I’m really not reading so much meaning as to if it contributed to me leaving but I know for sure, I got a lot of backlash for it. 

It might have changed people’s opinion about me and maybe they just decided not to vote for me. Regardless of that, what’s meant to be will be.

How do you personally feel about the statements now?


I wasn’t trying to downgrade the show in any way. I started watching the show not too long ago. It was on Twitter I used to see some updates about the show on my timeline, I didn’t personally watch it. It was my mom that loves the show, she watches it every season. 

So, I said those statements exactly how I felt, it wasn’t supposed to be derogatory and I wasn’t trying to feel like I was above the show, that wasn’t the case. It was just how I felt at the time, which was why I didn’t watch the show, if not for Twitter.

What did you think contributed to your early eviction?


I’m still going to go with my school of thought that says “if it is meant to be it will be”, nothing could have contributed to my eviction. If I was supposed to be on that show till now, I’ll be on it. But I guess with the feedback I have been getting, it seems like I was in my shell for like the first week, then the Twitter backlash and me entering the show late. I feel like they kind of contributed to me leaving early.

Are you planning to practice law or are you now fully into entertainment?

I’m keeping an open mind about everything. Law is versatile, there is so much I can do with my law degree. It doesn’t really mean I have to go to court by fire by force and even before the show, the plan wasn’t to go to court. I didn’t want to do litigation. 

Now, coming out, if there are some things I know I can still do with my law degree, I’ll do it. But at the same time, I want to venture into business, I want to have my NGO, I might even bring my knowledge in law into the NGO I want to have. I want to be a brand ambassador for reputable brands, then if there’s time I will also go for my masters. So I’m keeping an open mind, entertainment is also an option.


Can you tell us about your Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)?

My NGO is about the girl child, empowering women, and advocating women’s rights.

When did you decide to shelve your call to the bar for a stint on the show?

It was a split decision. It’s funny how I was hoping my call to the bar would be after the show but it came as a shock that it was scheduled to take place at a time that clashed with the show. I had to make the decision.

The major thing for me was that as long as I passed my law school exams, I was like a call to the bar is a ceremony and can be done, so I had to make a choice to defy it to go on the show because being on this show is a one time opportunity.

How did your loved ones react to your decisions?

They had their reservations but they have been so supportive, they are like my backbone. If they didn’t support me wholeheartedly I wouldn’t have had the mind to go. My dad had his reservations but he came around and supported us, we don’t have any bad blood till now. My mom is a fan of the show, so she was excited, she didn’t mind at all.  

How do you intend to leverage the fame that you now have as a very young person?

Coming on the show, I had a private life. As a person, I like the good things of life but I also like to be private, so coming on the show, I had to mentally prepare for the limelight and the fame. For me, there is more to the limelight than fame, for me it is using this platform to build a brand for myself, tapping into these opportunities and making the best use of them. The end goal for everybody if I’m being honest is making money. I don’t want to be famous and broke. I will use my fame for positive things, make money for myself, and build a reputable brand.

Many have negative perceptions of the show because of its explicit content, what is your take on that?

The show didn’t even come up to me as being irresponsible, immoral, or those kinds of derogatory statements used for it. The opportunities that being on the show gives are huge, so I think there is more to the show than what the public sees. The show gives different things, it gives a party, intellectual, talents, and opportunities to show your best.

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