Funke Akindele, the filmmaker, has denied a claim by Adeola, the brother to Adejumoke Aderounmu, the late actress, that she refused to help his sister.


Aderounmu, who starred in ‘Jenifa’s Diary‘, the TV comedy series directed by Akindele, died last week, sparkling a wave of tributes on social media.

But in an Instagram post on Monday, Adeola called out Akindele over her condolence message which he described as “an eye service”.

He also accused Akindele of neglect, claiming she was contacted while his sister was sick, but she “did not respond”.


“Aye & camera To ba ri won kosa!” he wrote.

“You Weh Dem Call Tire, Weh You No Turn Up, She Even Sent Pascal To You, You Still No Reach Out! Why The Eye Service Now Weh She Don Kpai? Omo! Shoutout To Rita Dominic & Sotayo Gaga.”

But reacting in an Instagram live session on Tuesday, Akindele denied the allegations, saying she was “unaware of Aderounmu’s illness”.


The filmmaker said she had intended to call the late actress for her upcoming movie projects.

She also denied claims that she does not assist her colleagues, adding that “I do not make noise about helping people”.

“Somebody commented on my page ‘May you bury your children’. I think that is serious. Why? What have I done wrong? I am doing this because I hold my fans dear to my heart. If you keep saying I am not going to talk, people will accuse you wrongly for what you did not do. I am not ready because I am so unhappy,” she said.

“I met the late Jumoke Aderounmu years ago as an actress. Gave her some roles. She featured in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, ‘Industreet’, and that was it. Acted her role, got paid, and left. So, sometimes, I just messaged Jide Awobona, because Jide and Jumoke were close somehow. I asked Jide where is Jumoke. Please call her and ask after her. He said she said she wants people to be calling her for jobs. And I said let us call her for jobs. And you all know that after ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ I have not done any project. There are a lot of people. There are a lot of talents on TikTok because I want to discover talents.


“Paschaline Alex just reached out to me that they wrote something online. I just went there and I saw Jumoke’s brother. He was upset. I said I know he is grieving. I understand. I lost my mum. Nobody knew what I went through. I was depressed losing my mum.

“So, I reached out to the guy. I said I am so sorry you lost your sister. I said nobody told me that your sister was sick. Paskaline did not tell me anything. I said I do not turn deaf ears to people who are in need and next to me. I do help but I do not make noise about helping people. Giving should be done privately.

“I had to do this because this has to do with somebody’s life. I am so unhappy. Because you do not know what I am going through. I work round the clock. I do not beef with anybody. I have got my trying moments too. Marriage, politics, lost my mum, remember?

“I sent a message to Jumoke’s brother, he did not reply. I am very strict. I do not take nonsense. Whoever works with me that wants to go can go. Whoever wants to stay can stay.”


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