Hosannah Evie, a Nigerian studying in the US, needs monetary intervention to complete medical school and achieve her dream of helping people through medicine.


Although Hossanah was awarded a full-tuition scholarship by her school in the US, she is still required to pay $63,000 for books, equipment, among others.

As an international student, Hosannah is expected to pay upfront the fees for four years in medical school.

But due to a lack of funds and her inability to seek employment in the US, Hossanah opened a GoFundMe page to solicit financial assistance to offset her academic bills.


She wrote on the page that she also hit a wall in her bid to secure student loans in the US.

Hosannah said: “I graduated from my undergraduate university summa cum laude in 2017 as one of the best students in my college. During that time, I was accepted to one of the top 10 medical schools in the country but I was not able to attend in August of that year because of financial difficulties. As a reward for my academic merit, I was awarded a full tuition scholarship from the medical school. This has been a source of joy to myself and my family in Nigeria as it has been a dream of mine to help people through medicine for a long time.

“The issue with this was, I was still required to produce an estimate of $63,000 for other expenses including books and equipment for the last 3 years of the MD program. The requirement for an international student is that the fees for all four years are paid upfront either in an escrow account or through loans. I have applied for loans but due to my international status and lack of family here, I have not been able to get any.


“I am not allowed to work while in medical school and this is where I need your help. To be able to complete my medical education, I need $63,000 by December 2018. This sum will cover the costs of the last three years of my schooling and ensure that I am able to finish well. It is a large sum of money for my family to raise especially in the current situation in Nigeria. Every donation means so much to me as it would bring me one step closer to my goal. Helping me share this would also be a big help to ensure that more people see this.”

To help Hosannah achieve her dream, donate HERE.

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