Kunu is a nonalcoholic drink popular in northern Nigeria and mostly prepared by the Hausas.


It is made from a variety of grains but mainly from millet-popularly known as “jero”.

There are many types of kunu namely; geda, ayah, zaaki. The names are based on the key ingredient through which the drink is prepared.

Often whitish (when prepared with millet and maize) or brownish (when prepared with sorghum), kunu is refreshing, satisfying and nourishing.


Here are seven reasons kunu is good for your health

Reduces risk of diabetes

The drink is known to help reduce the risks associated with diabetes.


Prevents dehydration

The water content in kunu quenches thirst and prevents dehydration. It also serves as an appetiser.

Prevents heart diseases

The key ingredient, millet, contains a poly nutrient called lignin, which has cancer-fighting properties and is beneficial in the treatment of heart disease.


Relaxes muscles

Kunu is good for women that have reached the stage of menopause as it helps them relax their muscles.

Good for nursing mothers

It is highly recommended for nursing mothers as it helps increase the flow of their breast milk.


Lowers cholesterol level

Due to its ginger content, regular consumption lowers the cholesterol level and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Promotes healthy digestive system

The drink is rich in fibre, thus helping to promote a healthy digestive system.


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