Beetroot is an edible red root vegetable with a massively swollen red root. It is widely grown for human consumption.


Beets are reddish purple in colour and also go by different names like table beet, red beet or garden beet.

Here are seven health benefits of beetroot.

Reduces stroke, heart attack and blood pressure


Beetroot, being rich in nitrates can reduce stroke, heart-related diseases and blood pressure.

This is because nitrate gets oxidised when mixed with a blood-forming nitric oxide that enlarges blood vessels and increases the oxygen content in blood. Consuming beetroot on a regular basis is important to have a healthy heart.

Controls the cholesterol


Adding beetroots to your regular diet can help lowering the cholesterol level. This is because beetroots are rich in soluble fibres that can reduce and control bad cholesterol.

Controls blood sugar

Beetroot can stabilise the glucose level in the blood, so when beetroot juice is consumed by diabetic patients at least thrice a week, it can bring a lot of changes in the blood sugar level. This is due of the soluble fibres in beetroot. Every healthy diet consumed must contain soluble fibre.

It helps to relief constipation


Beetroot contains high soluble fibre content, and also acts as a great laxative.

It helps in regularising your bowel movement by softening stools. It also cleanses the colon and flushes out the harmful toxins from the stomach.

Prevents cataracts

The presence of beta-carotene, which is a form of vitamin A, helps to prevent age-related blindness called cataracts that commonly occurs as we get older.


It helps the liver

Betaines contained in beet juice stimulates the functions of the liver.

Reduces birth defects

Beets are good for pregnant women since they are a source of vitamin B folate which helps in the development of infant’s spinal column.


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