Technology has succeeded in making even the most mundane activity interesting. Physical shopping has mostly held a popular standard of being interesting and the online approach to shopping makes this activity even doubly exciting.


But just like every other virtual activity, online shopping has its own fair numbers of cons. These cons are so common that the terminology; ‘What I Ordered vs What I Got’, has been compiled into Twitter threads, and YouTube compilation videos.

While some of the content under this thread are funny, it becomes unfunny when you discover the cute skater dress you ordered online is actually in baby size upon delivery. Ouch! 

To avoid ridiculous mistakes and stress, these four tips will guide you into shopping online like a pro:

  • Know your current measurement

By knowing your accurate bust, hip, waist, and inseam measurements, you’ll be properly equipped to launch into shopping online.

Keep your eyes open for the size chart of each site you’re shopping from in comparison with your handy measurement. Make sure both measurements match up before checking out. You do not want to end up with a dress too small or big for you.

  • Read the reviews on the vendor

Reviews are like the virtual versions of gossip except in the case of reviews, it’s to the knowing of the business owner.


A site’s ad might be attractive but reviews open you up to the experience of real people who have shopped from the site. Lookout for reviews pertaining to size, texture, delivery service, return policy, and quality of clothes sold.

Remember, online cloth shopping is beyond the cute preview photos, and more of what the items sold are really made of.

  • Inquire and understand Vendor’s Return Policy

A Return Policy might seem like a minute issue but it’s the contrary. What does the vendor say about returning items? Does the vendor even include return of purchased items? (because Lord have mercy, some online vendors don’t)

These are the questions you should seek to answer before you make that payment. You do not want to end up going back and forth with an unreasonable vendor over returning an item you no longer wish to purchase.

  • Keep a sewing machine or tailor handy

Because you cannot be too careful. Befriend a tailor, or cue into your sewing skills when an ordered dress does not fit.

Sometimes, just a little adjustment here and there can transform an ugly outfit into a rare piece of beauty. 

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