Eight out of 10 people in the workplace make use of a computer or laptop. And maintaining a laptop isn’t easy. Unknown to laptop users, certain protocols have to be observed to ensure the lifespan of these devices. Failure to do this might lead to malfunction or damage to the computer


However, there are some simple maintenance routines that will aid in prolonging the maximum function of your computer.

  • Don’t Leave Your Device Plugged In Always

No doubt electricity is a problem in this part of the world and it makes sense to preserve the battery level of our devices by constantly charging them. However, according to experts, overcharging computers will have repercussions in the long run.

Experts recommend that the healthy way to charge a laptop is to charge it to charge to 80% then let it drain to 40%. Some experts also recommend letting it drain to 30% before plugging it back.


As counter-productive as this charging system might feel in Nigeria especially with the electricity condition, it’s one sure way to ensure the durability of a laptop.

  • Do Not Shut Down Often

If you’re guilty of constantly shutting down your computer then it’s time to rethink this move.

Experts advise that shutting down a computer should be reduced and not be an everyday affair. During the shutting down and powering up of a computer, certain components heat up. The less this heating up occurs, the better for your computer life.


So find a balance to performing shutdowns on your computer either twice weekly or at a convenient timing.

It is highly advisable not to forcefully shut down your computer except when it is malfunctioning.

  • Don’t Eat Or Drink Around Your Computer

More often than we should, we are guilty of snacking or drinking close to our computer devices. This seemingly normal practice has serious consequences when it comes to the lifespan of a computer device.

Not only do we run the risk of spilling water or food particles on our computer, but in the long-run food particles gathering around the keyboard area and this could pose a serious threat to a computer. Damages from spilled food and drink cost thousands of naira to repair and sometimes, even after undergoing repair, the system might not fully recover its complete functionality.


Hence, one of the ways to treat your laptop with care and maintain its lifespan is to avoid eating or drinking close to it. 

  • Always Update The Computer’s Software

Experts advise weekly updates of software like windows as they contain security fixes which are useful for the computer’s optimized function.

Should you find it difficult to set up an automatic system update on your computer? Seek help from experts or techy persons you know.


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