While there is no manual on how to have twins, there are a number of factors that improve your chances such as family history, age, race, weight, and fertility treatments.


But if you desire to conceive twins, you can increase your odds by adding certain foods to your diet.

Here are some foods that can increase your fertility to get pregnant with twins.

  • Yam



Yam is a tuber rich in progesterone and phytoestrogens, the plant-based nutrients and chemicals that lead to hyper-ovulation.

Hyper-ovulation is a condition where more than one egg is matured and released from the ovary which may further lead to multiple pregnancies. It also tends to increase the chance of getting conceived with fraternal twins or triplets.

A study has also proven that a significant amount of yams in the diets of the women of Igbo-Ora, a city in Oyo state, is linked to their high rate of twin births.


Another research on births in southwest Nigeria — which is regarded as the highest twinning rate in the world — also supported the previous assertion on the influence of yam on conceiving twins among the Yoruba population.

  • Foods rich in folic acid

Foods naturally rich in folic acid like avocado, spinach, broccoli, liver, and legumes also have the tendency to increase one’s chances of conceiving twins.

According to a study, consuming extra folic acid while trying to get pregnant can raise the chance of giving birth to twins slightly higher.

  • Dairy products

A study has shown that women who consume animal products, especially dairy, are five times more likely to have twins compared to those who don’t.

Dairy products like milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese tend to release insulin growth factor (IGF), a growth protein found in animal products.

IGF also increases the sensitivity of the ovaries, thereby causing hyper ovulation which further causes multiple births.

  • Okra leaves

Okra leaves, which are used to prepare soup, are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and protein.

The people of Igbo-Ora also believe that eating these leaves can increase the chance of conceiving twins naturally, according to research.




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