Instagram is open to millions of users who are active round the clock. And whether your IG account is a personal one or for business, your competition, is at least a thousand other people.


Hence, it’s important that the first contact other users have with your account matters. And usually, first contacts on Instagram take place on your Instagram bio.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some ways to make your Instagram bio so impactful that other users want to connect with you.

Before we go into those steps, here’s a little exercise for you to play. Go to your Instagram bio right away and look at every detail closely. I’m talking about your username, bio details, and profile photo. If you’ve done this, close your eyes for 1 second and conjure up the image of your bio. Try to recall every detail you saw earlier. Does it seem okay with you? Like if you were another Instagram user would you want to follow your account?


Save your answer for later, let’s go over your steps okay?

  • Choose A Username That’s Original and Recognizable

I don’t know about a lot of other Instagram and please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s hard following usernames that are long and difficult to pronounce.

The same goes for usernames containing weird words and phrases or numbers. It’s kind of hard to trust such accounts and easy to paint them as scammers or catfishers.


So keep your username original, easy to recognize, and pronounce. A good way to begin is to use your real name,  nickname, or brand name. My additional two cents, stay off names that give off creepy vibes or that are oversexualized. You know the sort, “Creamy pie”, etc

  • Make Your Bio Interesting

We know you are a child of God Kemi (if you’re a Kemi with this on your bio, chat me up in the comments, this coincidence is too crazy to ignore) and that’s great but give us something else. What hobbies do you have? What do you enjoy doing? What’s your best quote )could even be a spiritual one), what else is there to you?

Keeping your bio interesting makes your page appear more human. You can highlight your skills, job, marital status, something personal even so other users can feel a touch of your personality on your bio. This makes it easier to want to connect with you.

So expand your bio (and I’m not saying write an autobiography, but keep it interesting).

  • Choose A Profile Pic That Shows Your Face

It’s sad enough that Instagram doesn’t let users enlarge the profile pic of other users. You want to make it easier for other users to place a face to your account before looking through your page and most especially if your page is a private one.

Go for clear pictures that generously show your face, or brand logo, etc so that there’s a face other users can relate to on the first contact.

  • Throw In Every Relevant Info On Your Bio

Of course, your bio should be more robust to tell us a little more about you. In addition, and depending on what you hope to achieve through your IG, you may want to look into including other relevant info on your Instagram.

For instance, if you’re a creative, you want to include a link to your works, blog, page, portfolio, etc, or your business page or website if you’re a business owner.


You also want to include your contact info (to your preference) phone number, email address, whichever you’re most comfortable with on your bio. Even your address is the info you could choose to include in your bio, especially as a business owner.

  • Make Your Highlights Interesting

Highlights were introduced on IG and they were a cool addition. Most people tend to ignore them but you shouldn’t.

Think of them as a more visual representation of your bio. And the best thing about highlights is that you can categorize them as you deem fit.

With that, I’ll call it a day on this topic, maybe or not we’ll explore a more specific article on this like, “How To Craft Your IG Bio For Business” soon, or maybe not.


Remember that you can continue this gist in the comments. So make some noise there let’s talk.

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