In a matter of hours, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019.


As per tradition, most people always draw up resolutions they want to follow through in the new year.

In 2019, these are the five golden rules to abide by in your relationships.

Speak up


Ideally, communication is crucial in a relationship: whether it is speaking or listening to your partner.

The common reason communication is deficient in most relationships is because many people are afraid of confronting their partners or being confronted.

Because of the fear of confrontation, most individuals will tend to be passive observers in their relationship and resolve to wishful thinking that their partner gets the message they’re trying to pass across.


In the coming year, endevour to speak up more often. Whatever it is that pricks your concern in a relationship should be discussed.

Demand to go over matters with your partner rather than remaining silent. Never let the fear of the outcome of such discussions stop you from speaking out.

Celebrate milestones in your relationship

Milestones help us in marking out goals we wish to achieve in our lives. This theory works the same way in relationships.


In 2019, you and your partner should commit to identifying and setting goals you both want from the relationship. This is a huge step in investing in the relationship as well as making clear intentions.

It should be noteworthy that much effort should be put into celebrating achieved goals no matter how small they are.

In doing all these, set realistic, short-termed goals to avoid the unnecessary pressures that unrealistic and humongous goals cause those who set them.

Appreciate more


Our lifestyles have a way of robbing us of the most important things in our lives, namely our romantic partners and even family and friends.

In the new year, put in more time and effort in appreciating each other: the special person(s) in your life. No more excuses.

Spend more time alone

This might seem like an odd addition but it is highly important. A lot of individuals are unaware of the power of taking time to be alone.


Being alone helps in self-discovery in the most unimaginable ways. The advantage of taking out some me-time is that you better understand yourself, making it easier to communicate with your partner on how you wish to be treated.

Travel alone, go to the coffee shop alone, take up a one-man habit and stick to it for self-improvement in 2019.

Adopt a hobby together

As much as one loves their partner, the best way to get to know them more is spending time with them. Adopting a new hobby that involves both of you is the way forward in the new year.

Commit to and choose fun, educative and recreational hobbies that you both find comfortable. You’d be surprised at the level of bonding, happiness and satisfaction you’d both get from this.

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