Blessing CEO, the media personality, has reacted to rumours that she is dating IVD, the widowed businessman.


IVD has been enmeshed in a series of allegations since his wife passed away in October.

Mama Jazz, the sister to his wife, had accused the Lagos-based businessman of killing her.

Over the weekend, Blessing CEO was said to have put out a social media post that stirred allegations that she’s now dating IVD.


The post attributed to the media personality bore a picture showing a hand purported to belong to IVD — tattooed with her name.

“Never been so bold as to post any man on my timeline on social media. But I don’t know why you seem so right. Mixed feelings (fear and excitement). I thought my feelings had died with my past,” she was said to have written.

“But you came and made it easy and effortless for me to bend almost all my rules and open all my boundaries.


“You are strong because so many MEN tried even with money, but I did not bend, but you came and did nothing and I have tumbled and fallen for you.”

The post triggered a wave of reactions on social media.

In footage from her recent interview, Blessing didn’t do much to shush the claims but argued she has the right to date any man of her choice.

“Some said they came to check out my disgrace,” she said.


“A lot of you forget I’m that girl you dragged three years ago; who was handcuffed and paraded on the internet.

“The difference is that I’ve started living on money. My skin has begun to glow. The disgrace didn’t start today. The disgrace is the brand. We built a brand from the mud. I’m that girl who trended for lying about a house.

“That same one you came to drag three years ago. After all that, she still grew above you and is still better than you.

“After three years, Blessing CEO is still relevant. So when you say you’re coming on my live video to disgrace me, I wonder if you have a short memory. As you drag me, I get more successful and famous.


“Stop using dragging to threaten me because I grew from that. Maybe when you start talking to me in a nicer way, I will start listening to your cry. Somebody asked if I’m doing IVD, what do you mean by that?”

In another video, the Instagram blogger said she does not owe anyone an explanation on the kind of relationship she has with IVD.

“Do you think even if I have something with IVD it’s supposed to be a public affair? It’s my private life,” she said.

“When you are a public figure, people want to go into your privacy.


“I don’t owe the public that explanation whether it’s IVD or it’s anybody, I don’t owe the public my private life, I only owe the public content. I’m not supposed to put out my private life in public.”

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