The holidays are fast approaching but what’s a holiday without a celebration?


It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment that you begin to spend like your finances have no elasticity limit… but eventually and inevitably, it will snap.

Here are ways to avoid a financial meltdown this holiday.

Don’t throw parties you can’t afford


Yes, you want to give people a good time. Yes, you want to get people on your good side.

If you can’t afford a party, nobody will fault you for that. To be honest, no one will even notice.

Let people who can afford it throw the party. You can then attend and also have a great time.


The gift

Many are misled into thinking that for a gift to be valued, it must be expensive. False!

The most valued gifts are the ones that you have put a great deal of thought into. Handmade gifts go the extra mile  as opposed to a thoughtless gift you picked a day before.

Some people would appreciate a mixtape of their favourite songs more than a brand new car.


It’s the thought that counts. So don’t go dipping into your retirement fund just to impress someone and fail to make a lasting impact.

You don’t have to travel

Nigerians are of the belief that a holiday is only a holiday when you go abroad. Again, false!

Spend time with you family because that’s what’s important. Show love to those that matter because that is what matters.


Shop now

The prices of commodities usually reach an all-time high during the festive season. So, break the bank and stock up because ‘winter is coming’.

You’ll save a lot more if you buy only the necessities now that the prices are a bit familiar.

Book your flight tickets on time


If you have to travel by air, either within the country or beyond, the shopping scenario applies here.

Prices of flight tickets shoot up right around Christmas and New Year because of the rush.

So plan quickly and plan wisely.

Happy holidays.

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