Femi Branch says religion and the obsession with pastors are among the greatest problems in Africa.


The Nollywood actor was speaking to TheCable Lifestyle on the place of religion in Nigeria’s sociopolitical context.

Branch argued that many people subject themselves to the “mental manipulation” of clergymen in the name of spirituality.

“Religion is one of our greatest problems in Africa. We have this slave mentality. I was watching a video on my way here of a pastor coming out of his car. He is put on the chair and lifted by members into the church,” he said.


“Religion is a thing even God has a problem with. We’re subjected to the servitude of our fellow men in the name of spirituality. You have a problem and the first thing is not prayer but consulting a pastor.

“Most people worship these clergymen. That’s why we’re where we’re. These pastors programme their way of reasoning as it suits them. Every little thing, you call your pastor.

“You have a troubled marriage and the first thing is to resort to the church. You’re living with an abusive partner and common sense is to call it quits. But you don’t leave because your pastor says to stay there.


“In the end, you lose your life. Religion is a big problem in Nigeria. It affects us across the board, even in politics.”

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