Damilola Adekoya, Nollywood actress better known as Comedian Princess, has taken to social media to lambast Idowu Phillips (Mama Rainbow).


Last Tuesday, Mama Rainbow had in an interview claimed that she begged Princess for an out-of-court settlement of the “sexual assault” case against Baba Ijesha but the comedian refused despite calling her consecutively for four days.

Iya Rainbow also stated that despite everything, Baba Ijesha has now been released on bail.

Princess, however, took to her Instagram page on Thursday to share a video wherein she told her side of the conversation between the two entertainers.


In the over 15-minute long video, the movie star alleged that Mama Rainbow called her just once and took her house address but never visited as she promised.

Princess also poured out her annoyance at the veteran actress who she said “was not a good mother.”

“It is no longer news that my family and I have been going through hell. Everybody has their destiny pre-written, but I am doing this video because I just saw her interview. Mama Rainbow, I am ashamed for you; you are not a good mother. I regret ever respecting you; I regret ever seeing you as a mother or a grandmother,” she said.

Mama Rainbow

“You said that you called me for four days, and I did not answer you; now they have released him. In case you do not know, you only called me once. You called me when Baba Ijesha was in Police custody and told me to go and release him. You were instructing me, and I never disrespected you. I even took my time to ask why you called me, and you explained that Ijesha called you that evening to intercede on his behalf, saying he has offended me — his benefactor.

“I asked you if he told you what he did and you said he did not, but for him to have called you to intervene means that he knows that you can speak with me to quell the issue.

“Even when you called me and asked if I know who was speaking, I told you that I did and you were shocked that I have your number. I have your number because you are a mother to us all. I told you what he did and when you heard it, you were shaking on the phone because you did not know.

“You asked me to send my home address to you; three days later, you told me that you noticed my mind was not okay, and I was crying. You asked me to send my address because you did not know what he did. I sent you the address, but you never came. You did not come because it did not concern you, and I am not your child. You have your children.”


“When your child’s Instagram page had issues, you stuck your neck out; it was just an Instagram page. You know how to take care of your child, but because I am another person’s child, you called me and told me to go and release someone who is in Police custody for a crime.

“I was not angry but sad that day, and I was crying while explaining to you, but you were pretending to me. Mama Rainbow, you were pretending to me as if you are a concerned mother. Have you come to my house since then? Have you called me since then to sympathise with me? You never did. I keep quiet because I believe that justice will be served and anything hidden will come to light. I am going through a lot of pain, and I do not wish it on my enemy. I am not silent because of you, Mama Rainbow.”


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