A woman identified as Brittany has narrated her addiction to car seat foam — which includes eating it up to five times a day. 


Speaking on the recent episode of ‘My Strange Addition: Still Addicted?’, the TLC network programme, Brittany said she once ate all her car seats foam.

The woman said she eats the foams “three to five times a day,” adding that it “smells fragrant, taste crispy down my tongue”.

“As a human being just trying to figure out this whole life thing. One day at a time, I have been addicted to car seat foam for over 20 years. Eating car seat foam gives me the most euphoric feeling in the world,” she said.


“First of all, I will tear it (seat) and create a kind of a hole not as noticeable, so I will pierce typically like a side. Then I can snatch things off. It is fragrant. It is like my mouth is salivating is the first thing that happens. I just feel the firmness king of going down my gums, and it is going down my tongue, and I am like chewing it.

“The thing that makes different foams is the density from high density to medium density. It is pretty, nice, and firm; you will hear the crisp sound when you rip it apart. (It tastes) exquisite.

“I would say I eat car seat foam around the clock. Like three to five times a day. Whenever I am watching TV, driving my daughter, or not doing anything.


“My blue car, which I had for three years, I eat all the foam out completely.”


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