Lanre Dabiri, the rapper better known as Eldee, says the only way he would have made money in Nigeria is if he stole.


The musician also said he doesn’t regret leaving Nigeria while responding to a fan who commented on his emigration.

Eldee, who is currently touring in Italy, lives in the United States where he moved years ago.

The fan had argued that he could have pursued his dreams in Nigeria.


Responding, the rapper said he wouldn’t have achieved the wealth he currently has if he had remained in Nigeria.

“It’s all about perspective. Everybody’s journey is different. The real question is what your definition of ‘make it’ is? I don’t for a second regret my japa (exit),” the singer wrote.

“My life today is exactly as I envisioned it in 2012 when I decided I was finally done with my Naija journey.


“We all have different goals and priorities in life. I choose to be rich over looking rich.

“The only way I could have accomplished what I have today in Naija is if I stole the money.”

This is not the first time Eldee would comment on his emigration.

In 2020, the rapper said he quit his music career and left the country after he realised Nigeria was “far too gone” for the kind of redemption he wanted for it.


“I’m really sad about this one but a deeper understanding 0f the root cause of Nigeria’s problems gave the clarity I needed. I figured that Nigeria is too far gone for the kind of redemption that I was personally seeking,” he said.

“The decision to quit a thriving music career and leave Naija for good is the most difficult and impactful decision I ever made. Honestly, it was just time to move on.

“I felt it was just time to hand the baton over to the next generation and be proud of what they’re doing with it.”

Eldee is a member of the band Trybesmen, which was started in 1998.


The singer is currently in the real estate business.

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