Dorcas Shola-Fapson, the Nigerian actress, has revealed why she grew up hating her mother. 


The 31-year-old film star brought this revelation to light in the latest episode of ‘Tea With Tay‘ by Temisan Emmanuel.

Shola-Fapson said after her parents tied the knot, they had relocated to the United Kingdom. She also said her mum, however, got deported because she didn’t have her immigration papers.

The actress disclosed that they were unable to contact her while her dad gave them the impression that she abandoned her and the rest of their family.


“My dad and mum got married then went to the United Kingdom because my mum’s family sent them to UK. You know, they helped them get there and everything,” she said.

“So obviously they didn’t have papers when they got there and when I was two years old, my mum got deported from the UK back to Nigeria.

“My dad managed to get away somehow and kept us in the UK. Looking back at it now, I can understand as an adult but then I didn’t understand. So my dad literally kept us away from my mum, we didn’t have any contact with her.


“He told me that she left us. Obviously, he’s not going to tell us that she got deported because we were too young to understand. But he basically told us that she didn’t love us, she didn’t care about us, so I grew up hating my mum actually.”

Shola-Fapson added that she eventually found out that it wasn’t true and that her dad had told them those things because he was hurt.

“He did it because he was hurt, so I understand as an adult now,” she said.


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