Dolapo Osinbajo, wife of the Vice-President, revealed her poetic side on Sunday when she read a self-written poem dedicated to women suffering from various forms of abuse.

Osinbajo read the poem titled ‘This is why we do it’ during the 2018 Runway Jazz event in Lagos.

The poem, she said, was written “one morning” to serve as a respite “to the many broken, vulnerable, forgotten people” she has encountered in her journey through life.

In the poem, she said it is easy for society to turn a blind eye to the plight of girls and women who have become “broken” as a result of abuse.

“She screamed before but no one heard, no one cared and no one came,” an excerpt from the poem reads.

“Now she is quiet and still within, but without, her body is broken, pummeled, abused.

“Her mind is dragged through the mud and buried deep in darkness.

“Does she scream still? If she does, her scream makes no sound.

“Stop her screaming, stop those who make her scream before they find her, before her dream is shattered into a million pieces, each a tear brought forth in pain.

“This is why we do it.”

The tone of the poem suggested a call to action, imploring members of the society to be more attentive to the needs of victims by protecting and healing them of deep-seated hurt.

“For those we lost, too late to help, too late to save, when they shut their eyes, can they still dream?” the poem continued.

“How can the pieces be made whole again? Stop it now, keep her dream. Stop it now, protect her from the trauma, the real reality of her screams.

“Prevent the tide of tears which carries him on the river of bitterness…where forever he is lost and that makes two- lost, for the price of one.

“This is why we do it.”

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