Davido, the Nigerian singer, has spoken highly of the Afrobeats genre and its influence on the global music industry. 


In a recent interview with ABC News, the ‘Timeless’ hitmaker said through Afrobeats, the world is now attracted to recreational centres in Africa.

The 30-year-old singer said the global recognition of Afrobeats shows that the “hard work” of African artistes “is now paying off”.

“Just being in my room playing African music loud, my friends will come in, my friends from New York, Jamaican friends, and they are like ‘dope’. That was the first time they will hear it. I always feel like if people have the opportunity to hear it, they will love it. You can see that everybody’s hard work – not only myself – other people that have put into this culture, to this genre, everybody’s hard work is now paying off,” he said. 


“I remember when I landed in school and people were like ‘Yo, where are you from?’ And like obviously, I dress well. I will say I have lived in Nigeria for the past 15 years of my life. Now you have social media. You have people going to Nigeria, going to Ghana, doing vlogs, putting on YouTube, you know beautiful resorts, safaris. People are now going back home. Do not get me wrong, there are bad parts of Africa which we need to change, but there are also amazing parts where everybody in this life has to experience.”

Davido described the addition of Afrobeats to Grammy and MTV VMA award categories as “freedom and hope” for African artistes.

“If you told me five years ago that you would actually make a category for us, I would laugh at it. It definitely shows you that there is more to come. It shows you that we are doing something right. Now somebody that is making African music back home that does not know how to speak English, does not have to worry about ‘I gotta put English in my song to win a Grammy. I had to put English in my song to win VMA’”, he added. 


“Now you can go and be free. And know that you will be recognised. Whichever way, whichever how you do it. That is hope.”

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