With the recent global events, it’s easy to mistake the lockdown and isolation period as a time for rest. Because in fact, companies are hiring at almost the same rate. And with the restriction on social interactions, more companies and businesses will be exploring the option of online interviews more.


This means that your next interview will most likely be held virtually. And while face-to-face interviews might seem more difficult, when compared to virtual interviews, a meeting held offline is in fact, easier to scale.

Some important tips to keep in mind as you prepare for that online interview are:

  • Dress Smartly

That you’re undergoing an online interview doesn’t exclude the importance of the meeting. You may most likely be meeting the interviewer or interviewing panel for the first time. And just as in the case with offline interviews, it is important to take good care of your appearance.


Dress smartly. You may not need to dress up in a suit and tie but putting on a smart T-shirt or blouse is a step in the right direction. If you can, put on some makeup to encourage a smarter appearance. 

In addition to dressing smartly, pick bright-coloured clothing to maximize your lightning. 

  • Double-check Every Resources Facilitating The Interview

Do not underestimate a routine double-check on the tools and equipment which will help facilitate your video call.


Check that you have downloaded the suggested [by the interviewer] video-calling application or platform and that it’s running fine. If possible run a test video call to a friend or family to be sure that the app is running fine as well as familiarize you with the application’s functions. Importantly, pay attention to the sound. Are you having troubles hearing clearly? Are there background noises? You’ll need to make sure that your sound is perfect. Preferably, make use of headphones as it is a proven best way to hear clearly.

Check that your internet service is working well as has a strong signal. Also, check that you have sufficient data available. 

Pay attention to your workspace. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a study desk. Be creative and craft out space where you can take the call comfortably from such as your bed, your kitchen counter etc.

After you have settled for a workspace to your liking, test the lighting. You do not want to make a video call from a poorly-lit background. Remember that the interviewer would want to be able to see your face and facial expressions clearly as this helps in their assessments. 

  • Take Away Distractions

You want to do away with noise from blaring television shows, kids, family members, and other things around the household which could be distracting.

  • Maintain Eye Contact With The Interviewers

Again, be reminded that one of the important aspects during your interviewer is connecting with the interviewer or panel virtually.

Eye contact can, therefore, not be ignored. Do not forget to look the interviewers in the eyes while you speak.

To make your interview interesting, you can incorporate gesticulations to further buttress your points.

  • Be Honest

There’s nothing more important during an interview than speaking frankly. Do not try to impress the interviewer or panel with fictitious tales just to land the job. Do not lie about possessing skills you do not have.

Keep your achievements straight-forward to highlight your accomplishments.

Do not fret over your interview, you’ve got this! Relax, take and a deep breath, and remember to prepare adequately before your the set date for your interview. Good luck!


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