Chris Brown, American R&B singer, is being sued by a woman who claims she was “sexually assaulted and held against her will” in his California home.


The alleged incident was said to have happened in 2017 between the night of February 23 and the early morning of the next day when the unidentified victim attended a party hosted by the singer.

The plaintiff said she was lured to the bedroom and the door was blocked with a couch to prevent her, and another woman, from leaving.

Gloria Allred, lawyer of the witness identified as Jane Doe, described the incident as “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen”.


Allred said the victim “was forced to go to Brown’s home” from the party.

“Brown handed each female guest a clear pill filled with white powder and instructed them to take it to have a good time,” Allred said.

But the plaintiff was said to have declined to take the pill.


“She filed this lawsuit because she wants justice for herself, but she also wants to warn other young women about the potential danger to themselves if they have their phone taken away and if they go to Chris Brown’s house,” the lawyer said.

“She does not want any other young woman to endure the violent sexual assaults that she was forced to endure in an environment of guns and drugs. We look forward to our client having the opportunity to have her day in court. We want to hold accountable those who were responsible for the gender violence inflicted upon her.”

In the lawsuit, Brown is not named as the rapist but is said to have been involved in some manner.

The lawsuit was filed against the singer and Young Lo (Lowell Grissom) in a Los Angeles county superior court.


The case is being investigated by the LAPD and the district attorney’s office.

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