Davido has broken the silence about the death of Ifeanyi, his son with Chioma Rowland.


Ifeanyi died on October 30. He was said to have drowned in a pool.

In an interview with CNN African Voices, the Afrobeat star said Ifeanyi’s death was a loss he and his wife shouldn’t bear.

The singer said he had finished his latest album before his son’s demise — which made him take a step back.


Davido said the support he got from people across the world was what “helped me stand up again.”

“One thing that has helped was the support from everybody. Everybody knows that Chioma and I didn’t deserve that. If anybody in the world kind of deserves it, it shouldn’t be us,” he said.

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“Personally the support I got from people was one of the things that helped me stand up again. This has shown me that I was born to do music.

“I remember I couldn’t open my Instagram for like three weeks. One day, I just checked it and I saw messages from every kind of person in the world. From politicians to sportsmen. That was one thing that made me strong enough. Get back in the studio and do what I love.

“I had to calm myself down. Take a step back. This situation can break anybody. I don’t care how talented you are.

“We didn’t come to make this album because we were sad. Obviously, it was a tragic situation, but you know I still have to like be strong for everybody not only my wife, my family, my dad, and my son that is watching us.


“I know that at the end of the day, people would want David to be on stage again. Eventually, people would want me to make the thousands of people happy that I do on a daily. I had to calm myself down. Take a step back.”

‘Timeless’ was released on March 31. The album has continued to rake in millions of streams across global music platforms.

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