Chidinma Ekile, Nigerian singer, says she regrets “wasting” so much time doing secular music.


NAN reports that the musician spoke at a recent event while reacting to her decision to switch from secular music to gospel songs.

TheCable Lifestyle had reported how the singer announced herself as a “crusader of Jesus Christ” with ‘Jehovah Overdo’, a gospel-inclined track, on the occasion of her 30th birthday.

Ekile said she decided to opt for gospel music because “the devil has been winning too long.”


The singer vowed never to return to secular music, adding that she is now focused on how to use her talents to work for her “father who is in heaven.”

“Our God is faithful, he never lies and he does whatever he says. So I’m here today, it’s been a long journey,” she said.

“I had an opportunity to spend time with him, it’s a rare privilege to spend time with him and he told me a lot of things and he said, he has been waiting for me.


“So, he is happy to receive me. God has been very intentional about me.

“He is very mindful of me. I’m not here because I want fame. I’ve had all of that and I think I’ve had enough of all of that.

“So, right now is the time to work for my father. He is the one who has called me I did not bring myself here. As a matter of fact, I did not want to be here but I’m going into ministry in full force.

“So, most of you might not understand my ways because you don’t know where I’m coming from, and that is because a lot of time has been wasted.


“So, I need to catch up with time. I’m moving with time, there is no time.

“The enemy has been winning for too long. I’ve had my share of influence and all of that, but now I’m using all of that, everything the enemy thought he had given to me though was given to me by God, while he was lying that he gave them to me, now I’m using all of that to work for my father.

“So, when you see me doing some very extreme thing, just understand where I’m coming from, there is no time. There are too many people out there we have to bring back into the house.

“Jesus is coming soon, sooner than you expect. So we cannot allow them to miss out on that. Now is the time to do the work.”


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