Ahmedu Obiabo, the Nigerian dancehall singer better known as Blackface, has yet again accused Olamide of copyright infringements. 


In a chat on the Honest Bunch podcast, Blackface claimed Olamide has stolen a huge number of songs in his career.

He also accused Olamide of stealing his song Killah’ — which he claimed has a similar baseline to the YBNL head honcho’s ‘Don’t Stop’.

Listen to both songs below:


“Before I even go to Asake, let me go to his oga himself. How many songs has Olamide jacked in his life? Plenty,” he said.


“But before I go to the findings, let me talk about my own that he has jacked. There is a song of mine called ‘Killah’ the baseline is like (plays sound with mouth). You see the way they jacked my music? You might not understand because it is not your music, but it is my music. I will know.

“So these guys have been doing this thing for a long time. No be everybody (fit play am) If to sey I no play that sound, you no go fit hear ‘Don’t Stop’ except from my baseline. These things are happening. I do not have a problem with them. They are trying. But the fact that you did one and you got away with, it does not mean that you can do others.

“You see, in the court of law, if you are doing something consistently, and it is habitual to you, then the judge will know that it is something that you are always doing. See they are not doing this thing to only me. They are doing it to some people. Some persons. So the thing is, originality should be the watchword. If you are not original, please leave the game for the creative people.”

This is not the first time Blackface will be calling out Olamide or his label artistes over alleged song theft.


In January, he claimed Asake sampled his song ‘Ikebe Super’ in ‘Joha’.

He also tackled the pair for not reaching out to him over the alleged use of his work.

Last year, Blackface also accused Wizkid and Burna Boy of sampling his song without giving him credit.


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