Ten housemates have been put up for possible eviction this week in the ongoing Big Brother Titans (BBTitans).


On Monday night, Kanaga and Blue Aiva jointly became the new head of house (HoH).

They won the games and used their veto power to save Yemi cregx and Nelisa (Yelisa) and replaced them with Marvin and Yaya (Maya).

Eight other housemates, in a pair of two, were put up for eviction by fellow colleagues after the completion of their HoH games.


The housemates nominated for possible eviction — in their pairs — include Marvin, Yaya ( Maya), Blaqboi, Ipeleng (Blaqleng), Jaypee, Lukay (Jaykay), Khosi, Miracle (Khosicle), and Thabang, Nana (Thabang).

How the housemates voted:

  1. Yelissa (Yemi and Nelisa) – Jaykay and Blaqleng
  2. Jaykay (Jaypee and Lukay) – Jenner Li and Thabang
  3. Royals (Ebubu and Tsatsii) – Khosicle and Thabang
  4. Khosicle (Khosi and Miracle) – Royals and Blaqleng
  5. Juvvone (Justin and Yvonne) – Khosicle and Blaqleng
  6. Jenner Li (Jenne O and Mmeli) – Yelissa and Khosicle
  7. Juiolva (Juicy Jay and Olivia) – Blaqleng and Thabang
  8. Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng) – Khosicle and Juvvone
  9. Maya (Marvin and Yaya) – Thabang and Blaqleng
  10. Thabang (Thabang and Nana) – Jaykay and Yelisa
  11. Kaniva (Kanaga and Blue Aiva) – Khosicle and Jaykay


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