AY Makun, the comic actor, has yet again addressed his feud with Basketmouth and Julius Agwu.


The trio are among the most famous stand-up comedians in Nigeria.

In March, AY said his misunderstanding with Basketmouth started over money he is yet to receive for a show he anchored for him.

Reacting to AY’s comment, Basketmouth described his colleague’s account of the incident as “lies”.


In the same vein, AY and Agwu recently clashed over alleged defamation.

Speaking on the matter when he appeared on the Teju Babyface show, AY said he will be happy if he dies without reconciling with Basketmouth and Agwu.

AY also recalled times he tried to mend his relationship with Basketmouth but realised “friendship is not by force”.


“The bros [senior colleagues in the comedy industry] knew [about my beef with Basketmouth] and at some point in time, they had to ask me to slow down,” he said.

“They were like: ‘You are doing too much. You are putting in too much to make this thing work. Friendship is not by force.

“I was believing that ‘No, this can work’. Even in my last stand-up comedy show, I had to go on stage and I did another routine.

“How is my guy? This is my guy. If you see this guy, tell him he is my guy.


“And the following morning, everywhere exploded again. ‘We are not friends. We are not that. We are not this.’

“So, for me now, I am not pushing anything anymore.

“As I am here now as AY, if I have to go to my grave without sitting with any of these guys to say ‘hello,’ ‘hi,’ I will be happy.”


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