Daddy Freeze, a radio presenter, says medical science has saved more lives than all religions put together.


The controversial media personality described medicine and education as the real miracles of mankind.

Daddy Freeze made the comment on Friday at the Handle It Africa social media conference in Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

The Cool FM presenter said: “Medical science has saved more people than all the religions put together.


“My father has suffered from diabetes from 35 years. His mates that discovered they had diabetes when he did died within months because they were hoping for a miracle.”

Daddy Freeze also weighed in on Kanye West’s polarising assertion that 400 years of slavery was “a choice”.

He said the rapper was inferring mental slavery, which he says is obtainable and prevalent in Nigeria.


“In Nigeria, we have more churches than factories. We are in slavery. The type of slavery Kanye West was talking about is the type we have today. He was talking mental slavery,” he said.

“We are not taught to question the system and that is one of the signs of slavery. Slaves don’t question.

“When I started the FreeTheSheepie movement, I realised that 60 percent of my followers were abroad. There is something that happens to you when you cross those(Nigerian) borders.”

Daddy Freeze also berated pastors and churches that collect tithes from their congregants.


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