A provost of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has explained why a student who did well in the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination failed to gain admission to study medicine in the institution.


Aror Oghenerukewve, a student from Delta state, had lamented that she scored 320 in UTME but was unable to get admission into the university.

She further noted that she would not be sitting for the examinations any longer.

Adesegun Fatusi, provost of the college of health sciences, in a statement posted on Nairaland, said her scores weren’t high enough to secure admission into the department of medicine.

The professor painstakingly explained why Oghenerukewve was unable to get the course of her choice and noted that her UTME score and O’ level results were below the cumulative cut-off mark.

Fatusi noted that she should have gone to the university to see if she could be considered for other courses while adding that “she has left her case too late”.

He said: “With a score of 320, her mark from UTME amounts to 80% (i.e. 320/400 x 100). Her school cert results are: English A1 (=8 marks); Biology C4 (=5 marks); Chemistry B3 (=6 marks); Maths B3 (=6 marks); Physics C4 (=5 marks); Physics C4 (=5 marks); Further Maths B2 (=7marks), and Civic Educ A1 (=8 marks). That gives her 45 points, or 70.3% (i.e. 44/64×100).


“So her overall average – as OAU did a combination of 50% mark from JAMB and 50% mark from School Cert – is: (80+70.3)=75.15% (which we rounded up to 75.2%).

“Her mark of 75.2% is clearly below our cut-off mark (which was initially 78%, but we later reduced to 77.7%). Between her mark of 75.2% and 77.7%, by the way, there were 56 other candidates who scored higher than her but did not make the cut-off. For example, two people had 77.6%, two other people had 77.5%, four people had 77.4% etc.

“Someone from Delta such as Aror with 75.2% will not get admission into Medicine in OAU automatically as she is only considered on merit criterion and she does not meet the specified cut-off.

“For cases like Aror where the candidate has made a high mark but does not make the cut-off, what the candidate can sometimes do is to come to the University and try and see if he or she can be considered for other courses.


“A candidate does not get considered automatically for a course she has not applied to in JAMB. A candidate is only automatically considered for the course he or she has applied for with respect to a particular university.

“Unfortunately, Aror has left her case too late as all admission lists have been submitted for this year,” Fatusi added.

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