The Bunyadi restaurant, London’s first and only naked restaurant, on Saturday opened its doors to its first customers.


Prior to the opening, the restaurant boasted of a waiting list of 46,000 customers.

Since the restaurant was announced in April, 46,000 people have applied for tickets, which cost £69 each, but The Bunyadi only fits 42 people at a time.

It’s a place to “experience true liberation,” Seb Lyall, the restaurant creator and founder of the pop-up company Lollipop, said in a press release.


Diners feast on five totally natural courses and the food is made with raw ingredients and cooked naturally, Even the cutlery is edible.

The five-course menu costs about $100 without drinks but including the gown and slippers. All of the diners are given a white robe to wear in the bar area and when they are shown into the restaurant, they can choose if they want to take it off or not.

Upon arrival, you are given a set of rules which forbid the use of phones. There is also a no-photography policy in the restaurant and smoking is only allowed when you are in your own clothes. Once you are robed or in the dining area, leaving the building to smoke is not allowed.


The experience lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes.

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