Unlike other items, makeup products do not come with expiry dates and users only discard them when they are exhausted or when they are tired of a particular product.


It can be very difficult to part with your favourite makeup item but an important factor to consider is that these products have direct contact with your skin and can become breeding grounds for germs.

Prolonged usage of these products could result in skin conditions like acne and eczema.

When your lipstick begins to smell different and your foundation starts separating on your skin, it is time to toss it in the bin.


Here is a makeup tossing timeline that you can modify to suit your budget.


Toss-it-time: Three months.


A mascara tube is a dark, wet environment and can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

To extend the lifespan of your mascara, never pump the wand in and out of the bottle. Doing that traps air into the tube. Instead, slowly twist the wand in and out of the bottle.


Toss-it-time: Three months


Liquid eyeliners are similar to mascaras. The brush constantly carries bacteria from the eye back to the warm, wet bottle.

Pencil eyeliners last longer because create a fresh, clean surface every time you sharpen them (Just be sure to regularly sanitise your sharpener with rubbing alcohol).


Toss-it-time: Six months


Although most eye shadows are powdery and have a lesser risk of contamination, ageing eyeshadows do not pop as well as the fresh ones.

Again, because you apply a lot of products to your face (especially to the eyes area), there is increased risk of contamination.

Lipstick and Lip liner

Toss-it-time: One year


The water content of lipsticks make them potential mini reservoirs of bacteria.

Long-wearing formulas may have an even shorter lifespan; this is because they contain ingredients that evaporate more quickly than creamier formulas.

Pencil lipliners, like eyeliners, may last a little longer since putting them through a sharpener removes the old surface.


Toss-it-time: One year

The disposal period depends on the formula of the foundation; oil-based formulas break down faster than their more solid counterparts.

Nail Polish

Toss-It Time: One to two years

Formulas are especially sensitive to temperature extremes and humidity, so avoid storing in the bathroom.

You can extend it’s lifespan by adding nail polish thinner.

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