Tunde Ayeniformer chairman of the board of directors, Skye Bank Plc, has opened up on the paternity scandal against him. 


Ayeni has been in the public eye over a paternity tussle with an Abuja-based lawyer named Adaobi Alagwu.

Alagwu alleged that she is the mother of his child. She also claimed they were lovers in 2019.

Ayeni, however, earlier denied the allegations that he fathered any child with the lawyer.


Last month, Biola, Ayeni’s wife, also argued that her husband was a target for “runs girls” who use “diabolical” means to seduce “unsuspecting and naive victims” due to his popularity.

In a fresh statement, Ayeni said a DNA test has been conducted to determine the paternity of the child she alleged to be his.

Although he did not reveal the outcome of the DNA test, Ayeni insisted that he “is not in any way connected to the child”.


In the statement titled ‘setting the records straight’, the business mogul also vowed that he will “never again” be involved with Alagwu.

Adaobi Alagwu

He also dismissed rumours that he bought a property and an exotic car for her.

“Consequently, I find it pertinent to set the records straight permanently and for the last time. One, I am not involved in any way with Miss Alagwu and I will never be again. I do not have anything to do with her and her daughter and I will never have anything to do with them,” the statement reads.

“Two, the rumours alleging that I gave her certain material possessions including a house, an office and cars are all lies. They are figments of the imagination of mischief makers. Three, I wish to affirm that I am a father to three wonderful children with my delectable wife, Abiola.


“These are the legitimate scions of the Ayeni dynasty. I do not have any child elsewhere. To allay any form of speculation based on Miss Adaobi’s claims, I hereby state that a DNA test was conducted to ascertain the paternity of the child.

“However, for the sake of the child involved, even though we are not related to her, my wife and I have chosen not to speak of the content of the DNA. The Ayeni family is not in any way connected to the child and we will never be.

“Thus I refute the rumour of my connection to her and her mother. The happiness and stability of my immediate family are of utmost importance to me always. And I remain committed to upholding the undiminishing love, peace, and unity of my beloved family, thus I stand by my wife for her unwavering love and loyalty in the face of undeserved discourtesy spelt by the rumour. I want to thank her for coming out boldly to speak for our family in her recent interview. I stand with her in defence of our family.”

Read Tunde Ayeni’s full statement below…


'We did DNA test... I'm not father of Adaobi Alagwu's child' -- Tunde Ayeni opens up

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