Angel Awotarigha, 2018 BBNaija housemate, was assaulted on Saturday over a disagreement with a Bolt driver.


The reality TV star shared a video on Instagram showing an angry mob dealing him blows and kicks in the Ajah area of Lagos.

Pedestrians thereafter tried to restore calm while a lady filming from the background screamed “this is not right”.

In another video, Angel alleged that hoodlums hired by the Bolt driver were out to kill him.


He said: “I’ve just been assaulted by a Bolt driver and his minions. He refused to take me to my location. He took me to a very dangerous place, stopped me. I refused to pay him for doing that. He called his people and they attacked me.

“Look at where they bit me (point to his neck). They cut my body, tore my shirt. Practically stripped me naked. Right now, I’m hiding out in a bathroom so I do not get killed. I have a mop stick for protection.”

Angel’s companion identified as Diane Ogechi further narrated the incident, saying the driver had stopped them at Ajah bridge to phone a team of thugs who pounced on the reality TV star.


“Angel Awotarigha’s life is in danger. He’s just been mobbed, thanks to a Bolt driver. I’m actually inside a store where we had to put him in. Angel cannot come out because they will literally kill him,” she said

“A Bolt driver called touts he knew on his phone, stopped us at Ajah, under the bridge, to have him mobbed and killed. We’re scared. I’m doing this video just in case anything happens to him. We’re trying to get him out.”

In a fourth video where Angel can be seen undergoing treatment, a pharmacist spoke of his injury: “A cut, bad one. It’s a bite towards the jugular vein. If it was deep, it would have been fatal.”

Ogechi can be heard from the background saying “they really wanted to kill him”.


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