Uti Nwachukwu, winner of Big Brother Africa All-Stars, has defended TBoss, a contestant on Big Brother Naija, for saying the N25m prize of the competition means little to her.


An incomplete video of TBoss making the comment was posted on the internet on Tuesday.

It immediately went viral and she was heavily criticised by many Nigerians on social media.

Reacting to the incident, Uti shared the full video on his Instagram page, noting that the initial one that was released didn’t capture the entirety of what TBoss said.


He said the campaign against TBoss who has been nominated for eviction will only make people feel sorry for her and “vote endlessly”.

“This is wickedness at its peak. I keep telling people that Big brother is real life in a box! It shows you exactly what happens in the world we live in,” he said.

“You see for someone like me, I always pray that let whatever my enemies plan to make me fall end up being what God uses to promote and elevate me. It has consistently worked for me till now.


“I’ve been a victim of false accusations, lies and false testimonies by both frenemies and enemies… and all it did was make my brand bigger and stronger.

“Whoever did this to this girl…There’s no way that person’s candidate will win this game unless they confess and apologise.

“All you guys have succeeded in doing is making more people feel sorry for her and they will vote endlessly for her. Again I don’t have a favourite in the game but I must do my part to make sure the truth is heard.”

T-boss had made the comment during a conversation with Efe, one of the housemates.


“If I win the 25m today, I will spend the money before next week. It is not about the money because the relationship built here can end up giving you more than 25m,” she had said.

The 33-year-old housemate had also noted that she has private jet owners as admirers and that she was on the reality television show to build relationships that could give her something more than money in the future.

“Seriously my life has never been based on money, I have people hitting on me that have several private jets but I am here with you people. We are all fighting this fight, competing for the prize. I’m not trying to cheat or disrespect anyone.”

TBoss, Debie-Rise, Efe and TTT have been nominated for possible eviction from the show on Sunday.


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