Fashion trends are amazing to follow but expensive to keep up with. Every year, it seems the trends change from the last so completely, it seems like the former trends never existed. However, you may have heard that being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive.


And while that might seem like a long stretch, it is indeed true. Here are five ways to look stylish on a budget

  • Build Up Your Wardrobe With The Essentials

The most stylish people do not necessarily own twenty pairs of jeans or thirty pairs of shoes. Being stylish on a budget can first be achieved by owning the right outfits, accessories, outer wears, and foot wears.

When building up your wardrobe, you must remember to pay attention to the essential items befitting of your taste, age, and occupation [in some cases].


For instance, a woman in her 20s would need heels, comfortable shoes, tennis shoes [sneakers], nice sandal and flip-flops in her wardrobe as opposed to a teenage female who may not necessarily need heels in her wardrobe.

Make sure you have enough basic items which can be combined into full outfits. For instance, tee-shirts [in basic colours], a few pairs of formfitting jeans, blazers, a pair of black trousers, are all basic items to have in your wardrobe. These clothings can be combined in so many stylish ways to form a full attire.

  • Do Not Buy Fakes

An important rule in being stylish on a budget is to pay attention to the originality of the clothing items one purchases. Never be deceived into buying fake items because they are cheaper. In the end, the frustration with having to deal with the hassles of fake clothing items isn’t worth it.


Never try to buy an “aba” copy of an original branded shoe, dress, or bag. It will only end in tears. There are cheaper and more respectable brands for shoes, clothes, and bags, which although might not be as popular as the big brands, but serve the same purpose. In fact, there are a thousand and one Nigeria-made outfits, bags, and shoes, which are great. Patronize them instead of fakes.

  • Follow Fashion Trends

Being stylish cannot be separated from being informed. Stay in the loop of modern fashion designer trends to be well-equipped with the in-demand styles and how to mix and match prints and fabrics.

Fashion-focused television stations, online on-demand videos, digital and paperback fashion magazines are the most common medium to get the most reliable trends in the fashion industry.

  • Optimize Thrift Stores

A lot of times people underestimate thrift stores but there are real treasures to be found there with the right eye for stylish pieces.


Interestingly, thrift shopping is a lot cheaper than other alternatives. Like, way cheaper. However, you must be ready to literally “bend down and select” [go through a lot of items in search of good pieces], when thrift shopping.

  • Focus On Fit

You’ll be surprised how much better a person looks when they put on a fitting outfit. The key to getting the perfect fit for a person is first to understand body type.

What kind of cuts fit your body type? Conduct research and know whether loose-fitting or tight-fitting clothings are your best bet and watch your overall appearance go from “just there” to “awesome”.

Remember, the internet has a lot of good answers when it comes to styling on whatever your budget might be. In addition, draw inspiration from famous or popular stylists on how to do the business of styling best.


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