Funmilayo Adebayo, the controversial Nigerian evangelist better known as Mummy GO, has faulted the celebration of Valentine’s Day across the world.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14. It is a special day when people show feelings of love, affection, and friendship.

It originally started as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and gradually metamorphosed into a celebration of romance and love.

But in a now-viral video, Mummy GO claimed the day is not worth celebrating.


The cleric also claimed the idea of Valentine’s Day was initiated by the kingdom of darkness to destroy people.

“The story that happened that they said they are celebrating as Valentine does not deserve celebration. The story has nothing to celebrate, but the enemy just chose it because that man — Valentino or what did they call him — they knew everybody loves him because he is a good person, who helped people and showed love to everyone,” she said.

“Yet, how did he die? He died a useless, terrible death. He died of dejection if you know the story very well. Is that something that needs to be celebrated? No.


“But they purposively chose it because the kingdom of darkness needs a day dedicated for falling, destruction and how do you convince people to celebrate immorality: they use popular figures loved by others.”

In the video — which surfaced ahead of this year’s edition of the celebration — Mummy GO lamented that many youths now see the day as a period to indulge in sexual immorality.

“The original story of Valentine, does it have anything with sex? Outside there, Valentine means a day for boyfriend and girlfriend. If you see some boys and girls, they will say today is Valentine, you just want me to go like that, if you no gree, I’ll look for another person,” she added.

“That is because young people believe it a day they must-have sex and romance. So, the story of that Valentine does not reflect what people are celebrating today. In fact, February 14 is the day the whole world molested the death of Jesus Christ.


“After that day, go to the hospital. Five months after February 14 abortion takes place all over the world because unexpected pregnancy will come and sexual immorality is usually at its peak. A lady without a man on that day would feel she is the worst.”

Funmilayo, the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC), became a viral sensation after several clips of her unorthodox and jarring sermons surfaced online.

She had earlier claimed that some of the viral videos of her preachings about hell were doctored.

Watch the video below:


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