A video in which two Nigerian pastors were allegedly seen using a woman to perform the same miracle has emerged online and gone viral.


In the video, which was circulated by NsemWoha TV on Thursday, and divided into two parts, one of the pastors was identified as Chris Okafor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry.

The first part showed a woman standing, with a swollen shoulder, writhing in pains.

The background suggests the scene of the event was an open prayer ground, with a crowd of other worshipers surrounding her.


Then a yet-to-be-identified Nigerian pastor, who was administering deliverance, was seen bellowing repeatedly: “It’s is paining you, let it pain you. This is the last day. Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost.”

As the pastor continued with the deliverance session, the charged crowd surrounding the woman with swollen shoulder screamed “Jesus, Jesus” in return — amidst a ferocious beating of drums and clapping of hands.

The pastor then poured water from a plastic bottle on the swollen part of the woman’s shoulder intermittently.


As this continued, the swollen part of the woman’s shoulder was seen shrinking, until it returned to its normal shape.


This was followed by screams from the ecstatic crowd, who were apparently dazed by what had happened.

The second part of the video also showed a congregation gathered during a church service. Okafor, clad in suit, seemed to be administering a deliverance session on someone who appeared to be the same woman earlier shown.

“You saw three people, you thought you were dreaming, you now fell, it was then you woke up and saw your hand like this. You went out and they said there’s no bone there….If witches can do this, my God can do better than witches,” he had said before starting the prayer session.

After some minutes, the swollen part of the woman’s hand also returned to its shape amidst jubilation from the crowd, with a worship music charging the service.


The video has since been trending on social media platforms, with several users registering their different opinions.

Watch the video below:


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