Oyo, the pace setter state, is located in the South-Western part of Nigeria. It is home to natural attractions like suspended lakes and various “firsts” in Nigeria and Africa; the first University in Nigeria and the first skyscraper in Africa.


So if you love adventure and want to explore nature, these are a list of places you should visit when you are in Oyo;

  • Oke-Ado Mountain and Iyake Lake

Oke-Ado Mountain and Iyake Lake

These are located in Ado-Awaye town. Ado-Awaye town is a small town that is now becoming a popular tourist attraction in Oyo because it holds the Oke Ado mountain and the suspended lake — the water body on top of a mountain.


If you love adventurous hiking, you can just hike along the path of the Oke Ado mountain and then enjoy the serene atmosphere at Iyake Lake.

  • Mapo Hall
Trip advisor Mapo hall Oyo
Mapo hall
Photo credit: Trip advisor

Mapo Hall is a colonial-style city hall located at the top of Mapo Hills in Ibadan. This hall was commissioned by Captain Ross in 1929 while Robert Jones was the lead construction engineer.

For a beautiful view of the brown roofs in Ibadan, Mapo Hall is the perfect spot. It is also a nice spot for pictures because of its ancient architectural style.

  • Irefin Palace
Irefin Palace
Irefin palace
Photo credit: Folu Oyefeso

This is an ancient building built in 1902 which is said to be owned by a royal family in Ibadan.

This palace holds 185 rooms which are built in different styles for different purposes like judgment, dispute settlement, and other traditional practices.

Irefin Palace holds various traditional and cultural artifacts. You can visit this palace to get a view of a historical landmark.

  • Amala Skye
Amala Sky
Photo credit: Travel Waka

Ibadan indigenes are known for their love for ‘abula’, amala, ewedu and gberigi. So it will be a nice experience if you have a taste of these foods in Amala Skye.


Amala Skye is the number one perfect spot for food in Ibadan. It is known for its delicious soups and dishes. Have a taste of amala at Amala Skye and thank me later.

  • IITA forest reserve

IITA forest reserve

If you are a lover of nature, animals and a serene environment, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) forest reserve is a must-visit.

The vicinity is an urban forest that provides a haven for various animals and medical plants. You can just take a stroll in this reserve to enjoy the beautiful view of nature and the serene atmosphere.

  • Bower Tower
Bower Tower  Photo credit: Folu Oyefeso
Bower Tower
Photo credit: Folu Oyefeso

The 60-foot tower with 47 spiral staircases creates an amazing view of Ibadan.

Bower Memorial Tower was built and named in honor of Captain Bower, a man sent by the Matriarch of the British empire to put a stop to the battles between the Yoruba Tribes.

To get a beautiful view of the city of Ibadan, the top of Bower Tower is the perfect spot.


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