Tonto Dikeh has slammed Tunde Ednut, the popular blogger, over his recent post on VeryDarkMan, the social media critic.


The feud between Dikeh and VeryDarkMan started after the actress called for the arrest of the social media influencer over alleged cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

Dikeh said she wanted to “put an end to all these shenanigans” while sharing VeryDarkMan’s picture in police custody.

“It’s safe to say I am fearless, Yesterday I witnessed a young man who has bullied his elders far too long, deny his crimes like a baby,” she wrote.


“I’m still shocked “He clearly said I never referred to her or knew she has a son as well did not speak on her son.

“Listen Up, I am as bold as the lion strutting the wild and elegantly confident like the tiger on a solo mission to dominate foes and naysayers.

'Raise your failed music career' -- Twitter users bash Tunde Ednut
Tunde Ednut

“Even though it appears this generation is all about fingers running wild behind the keypad; be aware I am solidly ready to act accordingly wherever outside in person to put an end to all these shenanigans….


“Well like I said “Let it begin, it’s just day one. When smoke clears, charcoal still hot!!”

VeryDarkMan, however, took to his social media pages on Wednesday evening to reveal that he has been released from police custody.

“VeryDarkMan is out!” Ednut also posted on Instagram, captioning it with laughing emojis.

Infuriated by Ednut’s post, Tonto Dikeh took to the comment section to lambast the blogger.


The actress said she would laugh “when they accuse Ednut of theft”. She also claimed that VeryDarkMan called her mother demeaning names.

She accused Ednut of “promoting societal ills, blatant falsehood and unfounded criminal accusations and expect glowing accolades”.


The actress claimed Ednut is “arrogantly supporting despicable, mind-boggling imaginations!”

“Tunde I’ll be here when some calls your mom a sl@T and all I’m gonno do is laugh, I’ll be here when Someone accuses your mother of doing thre@some with your mother and I’ll also laugh. I’ll be here when they insult your unborn children and I’ll laugh, I’ll be here when they accuse you of theft and I WILL BE HERE TO LAUGH..” she wrote.


“EveryTime your page comes down you come crawling like a baby to help you lost but here you are daily fu*king shit up…Tunde we will meet in front where you will need me the most… You are a horrible human Tunde edunt….”

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